Blackjack Strategies

Many people realize that Blackjack is a strategy game that does not resemble other casino games. When you sit at a Blackjack table, you can easily understand that players make great decisions every hand makes big differences between winning and losing the choices they make.

The Blackjack strategy can be examined under two basic headings: basic strategy and card counting. The basic Blackjack strategy covers all game decisions that the player will make to keep the safe advantage to a minimum. In other words; a basic strategy chart gives you the best game to play mathematically for all possible situations you may encounter throughout the game.

Every correct Blackjack strategy begins with a full understanding of the basic strategy. Without this foundation, all of the advanced strategies (ie card counting strategies) will fail with the simplest mistakes players make to win. On the other hand, learning only the basic strategy will allow you to win perfect bets in a good Blackjack game, and sometimes to earn enough in addition to payouts and other reward schemes. Keeping this in mind, it will always be best for you to focus on learning the basic strategy first, until you are sure of yourself.

A complete Blackjack strategy is quite complicated because of the numerous situations you may encounter in a Blackjack. There are many factors that the player must add to each hand account:

– Rules of playing Blackjack game ;

– Hand score of the players;

– card opened by the croupier;

– Whether you have the option of folding or doubling.

Especially, Blackjack game rules are very important because even minor changes in the rules can make obvious differences in the basic strategy. For example, it is not the same game played against the croupier who must pass all 17s and the game against the croupier who draws all 17s. The number of decks, the ability to surrender (if there is a surrender option) and other factors influence the basic strategy.

With this in mind, it is especially difficult to propose a single basic strategy that will succeed in all cases, especially within the scope of this article. It is not just a basic strategy from complexity, but numerous versions of the rules that affect the basic strategy you choose. While it is possible to find exact basic strategies in many famous Blackjack books and some casino sites, it is possible to find the casinos we offer (you do not bother playing with the basic strategy as casinos have a small case advantage).

Simplified Blackjack Strategy
On the other hand, we can offer you a simplified strategy that can help you get started in a typical Blackjack game. This easy-to-remember strategy may not offer you the bets offered by a full basic Blackjack chart, but it can give you some money in the case advantage difference case, which is 0.2% or less of the typical rules. To put it right, this strategy is based on, an excellent casino information site. Simply follow the rules below and get rid of making basic Blackjack mistakes!

If you have a 10 or 11, and fold the card opened by the croupier in double the value of your card. Also if you have one of the 3, 4, 5 or 6 cards in your hands and you have a 9, double up. If you can not double in the situations we are talking about, pull the card instead.

Dealer divides all double cards if they show 6 and lower; otherwise play your hand according to the above rules, depending on the value of your hand.
Never take out insurance or the amount you deposit in Blackjack (this is a bad bet for the basic strategy player).
And here you are. The 11 basic rules will provide you with playing as a professional at Blackjack (or at least close to a professional). This is a great strategy for anyone who wants to learn how to play Blackjack quickly without losing time to remember the whole basic strategy. In addition, the simplicity of the system will not cause you to fail if you forget to play correctly.

Blackjack Card Counting
Many players do not want to be content with minimizing the advantage of the safe. Instead, they want to translate the advantage into their own direction! This is possible with Blackjack card counting.

Card counting is done by following the cards from the shoe. Since there are a limited number of useful cards available, the remaining cards are not like a random break. For example, the first few handles of a new shoe may have a very small number of 10’s. This shows us that the cards on the paddle are rich with 10 of them that are perfect for the player.

Generally; the player with the 10 remaining puckers and Aces are the best cards, while the low cards are the worst cards. Card counts take advantage of this fact by making more bets when they know that the pile-up deck is rich. If the remaining cards are rich in 10s, they make other adjustments (like this is a stupid bet) to buy insurance, and sometimes they change basic Blackjack strategies, taking into account the cards that have been released so far. However, in Blackjack, it is very important to fully understand the basic strategy before proceeding to count cards as the card counting process is based on playing cards correctly following the cards being played. For more information, read the entirety of our writing on Blackjack card counting .

Bad Blackjack Strategy
A final word of warning: You can often get bad “advice” from other players on your Blackjack table, which is contrary to what you read here or what you see on the basic strategy chart. Most of the time, other players are well-intentioned, but they do not have a deep knowledge of Blackjack. Generally, the strategies they use with the assumption that these players have a 10 in their hands cause them to lose more money than they would lose because of the basic strategy.

Fortunately, if you use the basic Blackjack strategy, you will not play odd games that will make you angry at the table and make frequent comments about your game. Blackjack players are superstitious, and while nobody knows what the next card will be, many players are annoyed by the person who pulls the card that overruns the croupier while he can win the dealer game. If this happens to you, do not let it bother you, and rely on your Blackjack strategy that you play, and see how your long-range results do not mislead you.